School Eligibility


InvestED strives to see that each student in need enrolled in schools eligible for InvestED funding in the State of Washington will receive assistance.  


InvestED limits school eligibility to secondary schools as follows:

  • High schools, public or private, in which students are granted a diploma upon graduation.
  • Middle schools (or junior high schools), public or private, from grade 6 upward.
  • Alternative high schools shall be eligible for InvestED funding provided their students are officially enrolled in their school and have the potential to earn diplomas from their school. However, if students are assigned to the alternative high school but remain enrolled in their regular high school, the students will only be eligible to receive funding through their regular high school (we track funding to official enrollment.)
  • Students in home schools are not eligible for InvestED assistance.

Currently InvestED is not adding new schools to ensure current schools are funded in a meaningful manner.  If you have questions about our program or would like to be added to our waiting list, please contact our Front Desk at