1963 Saul writes $500 check for Garfield High School in Seattle.
Foundation board established June 25, 1963.
1964 Saul Haas Fund is in all Seattle high schools.
1965 Jan. 29 it receives 501c (3) IRS status as "Educational and Charitable."
1971 Criteria for school fund use is refined.
1972 Saul Haas dies; Dayee G. Haas becomes president. New IRS determination letter is received, stating private foundation.
1973 School fund expands to include all high schools in Washington state.
1974 University of Washington lecture symposium series funded by foundation to honor founders.
1976 School fund expands to include all public and private secondary schools.
1979 Merit Award scholarship program for broadcast journalism begins at state universities.
1980 Edward R. Murrow Symposium begins at Washington State University to honor founders.
1983 Dayee G. Haas dies; Justice Charles Horowitz becomes president.
1985 Charles Divine consults with the foundation.
1986 Frank Hanawalt becomes executive director.
1988 Haas Foundation celebrates its 25th Anniversary at Lakewood H.S.
1993 School Support Program begins to support at-risk youth.
1994 Board commits to strengthen School Fund.
1996 Foundation seeks school Fund Partners.
1997 Task force forms to explore challenge grant program statewide.
1998 Matching program kicks off, with Seattle public and private schools.
1999 Terms limits for Board of Directors are approved.
2000  Matching grants offered to all eligible schools statewide.
2003  Board votes to cut all schools' funding 10%, and to have a moratorium on adding additional schools for the 2004-2005 year.
2004 Executive Director Frank Hanawalt retires.
2005 First strategic plan adopted. Board removes 10% cut and approves new method of measuring how effective schools are at using Haas School Funds.
2006 Formed Haas Educator Ambassador Program (HEAP). Published "Inspiring Dreams, Actions & Genorsity" book to promote the needs of students.
2007 Held Pathways to Parity breakfast. Moved office into new location.
2008 Celebrated 45 years of service supporting the immediate needs of students. Held first Jazz with Haas event at the Sanctuary at West Seattle, featuring Ernestine Anderson. 
2009 Hired our first full-time paid development director. Board votes to apply to become a public charity.
2010 Haas Foundation recieves advance ruling with IRS for request to move to public charity status (allowing agency to become approved by corporations for matching gifts, sponsorships and donations). Board of Directors approves changing foundation's name to InvestED. 
2012 Honorable Betty Fletcher, Board member for 39 years, passes away.  InvestED launches $1 million fundraising campaign - "The Challenge to Help Students in Need"

Note: fiscal year is July to June 30; Year Ending reflects end of fiscal year: