Estate and Planned Giving


You can create a lasting legacy to support students in need by including InvestED in your will or estate plan. There are a number of ways, from the simple to complex, to include InvestED in your plans. They include:

  • Bequest (designation in your will)
  • Retirement plans (IRA's, 401k, 403b, etc.)
  • Life insurance
  • Trusts and Annuities

Including InvestED in your estate plan will help ensure students in need find support for years to come.


When our founders, Saul and Dayee G. Haas, began their work to support students in need, they did so first with a check for $500 to Garfield High School in 1963. Shortly thereafter, they set aside monies in a Trust directed for similar purposes. Eventually, through bequests in their estate plan, they provided more funding that led to the formal creation of the Haas Foundation (now known as InvestED), which has grown to serve more than 25,000 students in need each year.


Their story is our story. Their legacy is now the legacy of thousands and thousands of students who have been helped with immediate needs that kept them in school or helped them become more engaged in a school activity and grow towards their full potential. Their legacy is also the legacy of thousands of educators, from teachers and coaches to principals and superintendents, who have had access to funds empowering them to make an immediate impact in the lives of students in their school and in their community.


Thank you for considering including InvestED and the thousands of students in need that we serve in your estate plan.


Please contact Elizabeth Benedict at 206-352-1199, ext. 3 or with any questions about including InvestED in your will or estate plan.