Resources for Schools

Thank you for all that you do each year to help needy students.  

At the close of last school year, 660 schools completed InvestED’s yearend report indicating that we helped 25,245 students remain engaged in school. As a part of that report, we asked how InvestED could help you and we were delighted to hear your ideas.  

Many of you asked how to communicate with your community about InvestED. Some of you want to share what is available through the InvestED fund with teachers and students. Some of you are interested in asking individuals and organizations in your community to support your InvestED program.    

We listened to your thoughts and feedback and developed a tool kit of resources below. For a printable version of this information, click here.





  PowerPoint Presentation

Tailor this presentation to meet your needs. It includes an introduction to InvestED, how funds may be used, a ‘Pop Quiz’ to test your audience’s knowledge of student needs in our state.  Show this at a staff meeting or PTSA meeting to let everyone know about the resource and to encourage donations. Email to ask for a copy.


          Newsletter article

Ask your local paper to run an article letting your community know that donations are welcome and matching funds are available. See sample on the back of this page.



     Facebook posts



Another way to reach people who may not know about the InvestED fund at your school. Consider posting something like this: ‘We just received a check from InvestED to help students in need at our school. We can use these resources to help students who need support throughout the year with things like a warm coat, test fees or supplies for a music class. The best news - if we can raise another $500 for our fund, they will match it!’


          Morning Announcement

InvestED is a fund at our school that helps with small needs of our students.  These funds can help with things like clothing, supplies and sports fees. If you need help, please speak with (your counselor) about these funds. 


     Handouts , Brochures and Posters

InvestED has electronic versions of brochures, handouts and posters that may be useful to advertise the fund and encourage people to donate to your fund.  Email if you’d like to receive a copy by email.


There are two videos that are available for your use at staff or PTSA meetings:

           1. Student Success Story – Delena shares her personal story of the impact InvestED had in her life.  Available on the home page:

           2. InvestED Overview – Teachers, counselors and coaches share why the fund is important to students in their school.  Available on the InvestED website here:



A sample news release is included below and electronic versions can be emailed to you.  Please contact the Front Desk at with your request.

SAMPLE:   InvestED School Funding Newsrelease


Students in need are receiving some additional help this school year from a unique partnership between ___________________School and InvestED, a statewide organization that recently provided the school with $_______ in funding. 

Funds are used annually to provide basic supplies, access to programs and other assistance, giving students the chance to reach their true potential. “In our state, there are more than 23,000 students who drop out each year, and many more ‘opt out’ and fail to reach their potential because they lack the resources to participate fully in school,” said Joyce Walters, InvestED’s executive director. “Their requests are often small – a warm winter coat, a college exam fee, or supplies for an art or music class, for example – but the impact is enormous.”

A matching program makes it possible to obtain an additional $____ of InvestED funds for ___________ School. Donations may be made in the school name through the InvestED website, or by sending a gift designated to the school to InvestED, 606 Oakesdale Ave. SW, Renton, WA 98057.  Questions may be directed to _________ at _____________________School, (___)____-________ or to InvestED at (206) 352-1199 ext. 1. 

InvestED, a 501(c)(3) organization, was founded in 1963 by Saul and Dayee Haas. The organization now serves more than 25,000 students each year in grades six through 12, at more than 660 public and private schools in Washington state. To learn how you can help, or to read students’ success stories, please visit