Moran Education Foundation

Moran Education Foundation’s goal is to provide financial assistance to students in need in K-12 educational institutions. The Foundation is a fully registered, non-profit entity with Board members who are life-long supporters of children and education. The objective of Moran Education Foundation is simple and direct: recognize legitimate needs and provide help.

How it began
Larry Moran, Founder of the Moran Education Foundation, shares a passion and commitment to education and deserving young people in need. In 2010, he sponsored an InvestED event and was deeply moved by the heartfelt speeches given by two John R. Rogers High School students who had received needed financial assistance from InvestED. Larry was impressed with InvestED’s history of deep commitment to helping students in need in Washington state. Putting his passion and business know-how together, he created Moran Educational Foundation and became InvestED’s first sustaining sponsor.

How it works
The Moran Education Foundation (MEF) is funded from a combination of individual donations and Moranco and Associates Insurance. Students will receive help immediately, will not have to complete paperwork to receive help and will not be singled out in any way. Children in grades K-6 will be assisted with funding directly from the Moran Education Foundation. Students in grades 6-12 will receive support through the local school’s InvestED Program. InvestED program funds are held locally, at the building level in private purpose trust or ASB account in accordance with OSPI and State Auditor guidelines.